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When this not working properly, you may notice an erratic idle which may cause the vehicle to lurch forward when sitting at a stop light as you. My 89 Jimmy is a bit odd. While I'm sitting at a light in Drive, every once in a while I can feel the car try to lurch forward for an instant. The RPMs. First Generation CL Discussion () - car lurches forward randomly while stopped - ok, so recently my car has been acting kind of.

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I have a 96 Buick Century, V6. The car seems to be driving normal, but when I come to a stop, it tries to constantly lurch forward. I have to. It turned out to be a result of disconnecting the battery from the vehicle. When the battery is disconnected, the ECU forgets what it has self. If your car starts lurching forward or suddenly slowing for no reason while driving, it's time to have a mechanic take a look at your transmission.

My car: Holden Viva Last week I notice that my car jerks whenever I stop on red light, just a slight sudden push of the car. It happens only. The problem is, when at a stoplight, I've already stopped, foot still on the brake, and my car will lurch forward as if I had let off the brakes then. Why does my car lurch forward just a bit after I park it and step off the stops pushing and releases all drive to the wheels, it stops thrusting, the.

I practically have to keep my foot on the brake pedal to keep from ending up in the middle of the intersection when I pull up to a stop sign or. every week and am amazed at all the auto problems you have been to a stop at a stop sign, the engine surges and wants to move forward. The next moment, your vehicle jerks slightly before coming to a full stop. This is an uncomfortable sensation, one you may have experienced.

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I am sure if are at a stop with one foot on brake and slowly increase gas, eventually the car will break lose of the brake's hold and lurch forward. Why Your Car Jerks, Lurches, or Stutters When You Accelerate your car jerk while driving at constant speed or from a stop due to frequent engine misfires. If you notice your car surging forward or jerking at high speeds. Idle surge/lurch forward when stopped and brake on . then i wouldnt do it. just thought i'd let you know how it stopped happening on my car. I'll be stopped at a traffic light while the brake pedal is depressed, the car will lurch forward like someone bumper tapped me. (automatic. Does it feel like the car is surging/jerking forward at idle? Is your idle surging/ jumping while this is happening? Have you pulled codes? Are you. About 5% of the time, when I come to a stop in city traffic, the car will jump or jolt forward a bit. Sometimes it's mild, sometimes a little violent. The weird thing that's happening: when I stop at a red light, pressing the The car doesn't move forward of course, but it's almost as if it's trying to? . which solves the lurching symptom depending on temperature, but not the. I've noticed while driving (no matter the distance) when I come to a complete stop or sometimes while driving, the car feels like it's lurching. You will find the answers to why your car jerks when braking. Some quick Aside from dirt, what could cause the fuel injector to stop working? Answer: Be. Not sure what you mean. When you take you foot off the brake it should move forward slowly. But if it jumps could be an idle problem or a trans.