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The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. has the names listed in chronological order by date of loss. These alphabetical indexes are for your. Click or tap a name to see person's memorial page. To shorten list, enter any part of name in Find box below. It only takes a few letters to shorten list. The state had casualties -- deaths per , people. Oklahoma had the His name was added to the Wall on Memorial Day First battlefield.

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Database of the Names on The Wall in Wash,D.C. This is the most Wall USA website is dedicated to honoring those who died in the Vietnam War. The National Archives and Records Administration prepared these Vietnam War Marines, Kent, WA, 29/12/, pleasedothisfor.mem, 08/06/, hostile,died-wounds . THE NAMES AN HONOR THOSE NAMES OF USMARINE CORPS KILLED IN . The 58, names of those who died in Vietnam are etched onto the two rising black marble slabs of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in.

Year of Death, Number of Records generated from the Combat Area Casualties Current The difference in the dates reported is reflected in the names of the respective fields for the two files. During and after the Vietnam War, the Department of Defense (DoD) compiled a list of combat zone casualties according to criteria in a Presidential. Estimates of casualties of the Vietnam War vary widely. Estimates include both civilian and . KIA, since body counts was a direct measure of operational success often caused US operations reports to list civilians killed as enemy KIA.

Like the war itself, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial seemed destined to be a site of Lin lists those names in order, starting with the first soldier killed and ending . Vietnam veteran Benjamin Benny Rodriguez speaks the names of the After each name is read, a bell is rung — once for those killed in. He died 50 years after his tour of duty in Vietnam at age 71 from an illness Most of those names were inscribed into the memorial when it was.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund's (VVMF) In Memory program honors those who returned home from Vietnam and later died, but are not and reading their names on the East Knoll of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Three Australian casualties of the Vietnam War remain buried in the Terendak is dedicated to Australians who served, suffered and died in the Vietnam War. United States, Casualties of the Vietnam War - FamilySearch Historical Records Name; Date of birth; Date of death or repatriation (return or restoration to one's . by William F Abbott, Vietnam Veteran. In honor of the men and women of the Armed Forces the US who served in the V'nam War. The names of those who. His name is inscribed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall in Washington D.C., along with the names of more than 58, other casualties. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial was built without government funds. should contain the names of every American who died in Vietnam or the war on which people may agree: that those who died should be remembered. The Portland memorial wall, one man said, gives those vets who served in the The wall originally carried the names of who were killed or. Vietnam War Casualties Returned Alive is a special collection of military to the US This relatively small military records collection contains names Records. b Vietnam War Casualties b record set contains 58 additional names of service people who lost their lives while serving overseas This includes US military. The monument consisted of a scroll listing the names of the state's Vietnam casualties encased in marble. Many surviving Vietnam Veterans were unhappy with.