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Find detailed instructions for easily locating, accessing, and sending archived SAT test scores by phone or mail. Need to get old SAT scores from years ago? Here's how you can find old scores from College Board. How to Request Old Scores. There is a score reporting fee for each report, plus an additional retrieval fee for processing archived scores. View fees.

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Learn how to get your SAT scores, send score reports to colleges, and understand what Fee Waivers and Free Reports · Score Choice · Sending Old Scores. Use this form to order archived score reports for the SAT® and the SAT Subject Tests™ (generally applies to scores earned before ). 1. Please date the. If you took the SAT after March , learn about scoring for the new SAT instead — there are a lot of differences. To send your scores, old or new, to colleges.

Learn when SAT scores come out for your test date, and how to view your score report. Old scores: You can call to request old scores. You'll have to pay a fee. If you took the SAT many years ago, you may think that all the effort has gone down the drain. However, you can easily get old SAT scores from the test. Obtaining old scores from standardized tests, such as the SAT or ACT, is actually quite easily done. You will have to pay a fee to have the scores either sent to.

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Want to compare new SAT scores to old SAT scores? Here's the SAT score conversions for the new SAT, the old SAT, and the ACT. Send score reports at any time from your My SAT account. The time If you want to retrieve old test scores, you should request archived scores. You can. Q: I enjoyed your column on retaking the SAT after 41 years. Like you, I took the test in the '60s, but didn't save my scores. Can I still get them?. You should contact the College Board for the answer to that. I can't remember how long they keep test results available. When you get an. Figuring out what the new SAT scores mean, and how they compare to old SAT scores or to ACT scores, is likely to be a major source of. Since all available data on Subject Tests involves the old SAT, scores below refer to the old SAT. In an appendix post we cover converting new. The SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States. Since it was debuted by the. Find out how quick and easy it is to send SAT scores to colleges. The College Board has released an app that allows one to convert new SAT scores to old SAT scores and vice versa. As of now, this data is only available on a. brought new changes to the use of SAT scores in enrollment and format of the test such that an old SAT Composite score of on the scale now.