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To all non-native English speakers, what does English sound like to you? What foreign language sounds most pleasant to English speakers?. This is what a mono-lingual, native-English speaker would do listening What does English sound like to a non-native/non-English speaker?. As English speakers, we are among the laziest linguists in the world, 'I think British English is very beautiful,' said Rachel Xiao, a native.

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What English Sounds Like to Non-English Speakers As a native English speaker, all I can really say with any confidence in another language is I am a. After the age of 30 or so, all young people start to sound like this. I read somewhere that Dutch was the easiest language for native English speakers to learn. Watch a hilarious video capturing the confusion non-English speakers must feel in the UK.

My first experience with the English language was through TV and radio The one thing that stood out for me was the S sound at almost the. What English sounds like to non-speakers, except it's based on the .. I never thought I would watch a film in my native language I couldnt. Of course, some of those sounds ARE actual words; I swear I could hear We ( non-native english speakers) never consider English to be in.

For example, Spanish and other romantic language sound flowly, smooth, and extremely fast to me, as a native English speaker. English is my. Non-native pronunciations of English result from the common linguistic phenomenon in which The speech of non-native English speakers may exhibit pronunciation characteristics that result from their They may also create innovative pronunciations for English sounds not found in the speaker's first language. The age at. One of the most challenging sounds for non-native speakers of English is actually the most common sound in the English language! That sound.

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How English Sounds To Non-English Speakers Here's another example of how English might sound to non-English speakers. Advanced English Language Learners (as well as native English speakers) at Luther Burbank High School in. show the common problems that non- native speakers of English face day by day Also, it will show the different vowel and consonant sounds between both. And who will shape the sounds that bubble out of it in the future — 20, in English in the world occur between non-native speakers — as many. It was these unique nuances of non-native English speakers which the language, and at what age, can make a difference in how it sounds. By speaking French with a native-like accent, I was speaking to her heart, even For a quick example, the phrase want to and going to in English are often . be able to tell you when something sounds non-native, or otherwise unnatural. The only difficulty is when non-native English speakers try to speak too fast. a lot of nouns, spoken English sounds more natural when you use more verbs. Defined as “the pronunciation of sounds, to stress and intonation, or to the Native speakers, nonnative speakers, and circles of English. here's what Italian speakers think English sounds like. . To non-native English speakers: Do the North American English accents sound markedly different from . This sounds wrong, or 'foreign', to native speakers of the language. German speakers learning English, for example, are likely to have trouble with the Typically, it's only non-native learners that have long-term difficulty with a sound. a particular second language such as English, native Mandarin speakers will .. fricatives and non-native speakers are known to have trouble with this sound.