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Re: can you make your own bullet molds. «Reply #1 on: October 14, , PM». I've never seen a bullet mold made from anything. Designing Your Own Bullet Molds. Retyped with the types, designing a custom bullet mold can be easy, cost effective, and time rewarding. If you know some. I could use some ideas on making bullet molds for pistol cals. also make sure your sprue cutter fits nice and cuts clean, dont use too much.

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I make most my bullet molds. If you have a lathe with 4 jaw chuck you can make your own molds. I start out with a old mold 30 cal and punch it. Homemade Kydex Molds, Colonel, DIY - Do It Yourself I'm thinking of making some bullet molds from wood to see if I can get any usable. You can make your own mold but it would be a big job. There are also places that will custom make a mold to your specs and that might be a.

As an avid bullet caster I wanted to develop the capability to make my own My objective was to develop the capability to make multi-cavity bullet molds to cast .. With the piece on its side, the clamp screw holes were center drilled, tap drilled. Now that Paul Jones has quit making molds a local smith asked me if we bullets (boolits) that you cast in YOUR own manufactured mold. Been lusting after making a homemade bullet mold just for the grins of it and to save I keep mine so it will almost swing on its own weight.

Someone once said that if you aren't casting bullets on your own then you It's very soul-satisfying to open a mold and drop out a gleaming bullet that only. make a bullet mold cutter from drill bit - Google Search. Poor Man's Urban Survival Center: Lead Shortages Coming - How to Make Your Own Ammo. Precision CNC lathe bored custom bullet casting molds. Choose a design from our catalog or submit your own custom design.

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For this article, I will focus on how to make your own bullets by using scrap lead weights to make your own ingots, pouring the molds and sizing them up and the. A solid bullet that loads easily after many firings because of its unique cleaning action. Will not tumble. A perfect hunting bullet with heavy loads. Easy to cast. With bullet casting equipment like a lead melting pot, bullet molds and bullet casting lead, you can make your own bullets. Lee bullet molds, RCBS bullet molds. Casting bullets is very easy and this process should yield great results for all reloaders. Molten lead can cause 3rd degree burns when it touches your skin. Bullet Mold / Casting Die (I'm using the Lee gr 2 cavity bullet mold for use in . DIY Tips: Making Your Own Ammunition 1 | Hollow-Point Bullets bullets for hunting or self-defense are possible with the correct molds. Create the satisfaction of hand casting your own lead projectiles with brass moulds Cast Bullet Engineering specialises in hand crafted molds for the hobby. A cast bullet is made by allowing molten metal to solidify in a mold. Most cast bullets are made The set of accessories includes a small casting ladle and a bullet mold, so the owner may make their own bullets, Philadelphia Museum of Art. The aluminum blocks close up tightly ready to make your round ball quickly W/O the iron .. bullet molds and bullet casting lead, you can make your own bullets. AL was very informative and professional and great service. Thank you NOE for making Casting and all reloading for the DIY easier and a great experience. Bullet molds remained popular for shooters accustomed to older weapons. After casting your own ammunition, it is easy see to see why you will never buy.