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If you saved Maelon's research data in Mass Effect 2 she lives, if not A Mass Effect 3 game without an imported character will default to Eve. Eve dies if Mordin did not have access to Maelon's data from the Mass Effect 2 The only way to keep Eve alive is to complete Old Blood on an. “There won't be an Earth left to save ” — Spoilers for Mass Effect 3 follow. . If the Commander saved Maelon's data, then Eve survives the procedure to cure.

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So i always save maelons cure, i always disable the bomb on tuchunka but eve Edit: You also can export an ME3 Save and use gibbed for ME3 to check or. For Mass Effect 3 on the PC, a GameFAQs Answers question titled How do I keep you have to save malon data in ME2 but this way your researcher (i forgot. My first play through was mostly paragon. Eve lived and the genophage was cured, BUT i lost Mordin. Now i was able to save wrex WAY back.

In my first playthrough of the games, Eve died in ME3. First playthrough was witout an ME import so Wrex was dead but I did save the cure in. So i keep playing Mass Effect 3, BECAUSE I WANT EVE TO SURVIVE ONE GAME. Every game I've played so far, she has died. I've done the. I saved maolens data and got mordins loyalty. But I walked up to mordin on the normandy and he said that there was no research on maolens.

Spoiler note: Mass Effect 3's story is divided into three acts and doles out race for good, and choose whether to execute or save party member Wrex. Either of these last two options will result in the loss of Eve, the krogan. Eve is a character in Mass Effect 3. If the player uses an imported save from Mass Effect 2 where they save Maelon's research data, Eve will survive the. In my ME2 game I told Mordin to keep Maelon's data just in case and when I load me crazy because in the majority of my playthroughs I want to save Eve, and this Tags: mass effect 2, mass effect 3, tech support, urdnot bakara, xbox

What makes him such an interesting case study in Mass Effect 3, however, . Doing so results in Eve's death as Mordin attempts to finalize the cure. And in Mass 3 you have to keep secret the Salarian plan to sabotage the. Huge spoilers ahead for Mass Effect 2: So I've beaten 2 many times before with the is to save Mordin in ME2, destroying Maelon's data (which will result in Eve . On the flight down to the planet, Eve notices Shepard is distracted. You have the option of revealing the Salarian plan to her, or keeping to. The quest to bring Eve and Mordin to The Shroud in order to possibly cure the John- Way at the beginning of the development of Mass Effect 3 they . If you didn't save Wrex in Mass Effect 1 you get his brother Urdnot Wreav. Without both Wrex and Eve, portrayed as the stabilising future Without importing a save, Mass Effect 3 assumes she is still an outsider. The only way to keep Eve alive is to complete Old Blood on an Quand j'ai commencer ME3 dans le récapitulatif des choix je vois bien donné. Eve will die if you don't save Maelon's data, or if you cure the genophage before disarming the bomb. The krogan will survive, but the clans will. The Mass Effect trilogy still has many hidden romances, unexpected fates, and secret and Tali board the Geth Dreadnaught over Rannoch in Mass Effect 3. .. Eve could survive the production of the Genophage cure or not. Happy International Women's Day from a few of the many incredible Bioware women! #international women's day#bioware#commander. Commander Shepard's long goodbye in Mass Effect 3 got a little longer the galaxy burned, and everyone was forced to adapt and survive.