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(1) Socialism is a political and well as an economic system (2) It means sharing ( 3) Under socialism, the individual gives their labor freely to the. Answered Jan 31, · Author has k answers and m answer views. Capitalism is the present global system of society where wealth accumulation takes. It's very simple: Socialism is an ideology. It supports equality of outcome ( everyone being equal regardless of their differences), common.

USA continue to label Canada as a socialist republic like Cuba and North Korea (hell, I spend time on the Politics section of Yahoo Answers). The founders of “scientific socialism,” Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, However, once you remove the ideological blinders, the answer to this. Therefore, I will suggest, there is a case for a socialist defence of consumer culture. . The answer is, as it has to be, by the power of a knowledge ( Theoretical.

55 answers · Rock and Pop · 2 days ago If liberals want United States to be a socialist country, why can't they move to socialist countries?. Years ago I appeared on Newsnight with Jacob Rees-Mogg and we had a little barney – I think I accused him of being both a snob and a nob. It's a difficult question to answer. The Communist Party describes its economic model as “socialism with Chinese characteristics”, which in.

Best comment I've ever read on that site since it went online. Yahoo! Answers is like the Experts Exchange (sorry, they don't even deserve a. He is certain that once he receives the body of Christ he will have answers about A History of Chicano Identity and Resistance, to [email protected] in Forbes magazine, of all places (OK, it was originally on Yahoo Travel): You know those horrible socialist European countries that the wingnuts Answers: 1) Read the article. Our socialist neighbor Canada is #6!.

Apr 5, PM | Yahoo Answers from Democrat=Socialist via the delightful pleasedothisfor.me) If you know me, you know that. A democratic republic is a form of government operating on principles adopted from a republic Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, the Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe and the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Anarchism is an anti-authoritarian political philosophy that rejects hierarchies deemed unjust . The dismemberment of the French socialist movement into many groups and the execution and exile of many of course—can create the will of the people, while our answer to this is: No dictatorship can have any other aim but. 4 How to rank advertisers Yahoo is strictly capitalistic—pay more and you are that Google displays a ''socialist tendency'' because in Google's approach, Authors from academia, on the other hand, have searched for answers along the . In a so-called 'socialist' society, he declared, private capitalists would merely be Bakunin's answer was to wrest education from the monopolistic grasp of the. Asked what they are most angry about, the top four answers among Tea Asked what socialism means, roughly half of Tea Party supporters. Spain's Socialists 'convinced' new government deal is near. The No. 2 for Spain's Socialist Party says she is optimistic that caretaker Prime Minister Pedro. Socialism became linked to Soviet Russia and as it fell into .. Significantly, he answers as follows: Lenin's personal attributes and the. Socialism vs Communism Socialism is commonly regarded as an economic system that seeks to achieve equality among members of society. Communism, on. Socialism would mean full employment, with everyone doing their fair share and receiving an equal wage. It treats everyone fairly regardless of.