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Carmen Luna (previously Valdez) is one of the main characters and titular protagonists of Devious Maids. Having always dreamed of fame and riches, Carmen. Sam Alexander is one of the main characters of Devious Maids. He works as Alejandro Rubio's personal butler and chauffeur, and is responsible for Carmen Luna's new found job as the Latino singer's maid. This does eventually come to pass; however, when having to chose between love. Carmen Luna (Roselyn Sanchez) longs to be a famous singer, which is why she takes the job of being a maid for popstar.

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Here are some interesting facts about the dramedy Devious Maids. Roselyn Sanchez (Carmen Luna), and Judy Reyes (Zoila Diaz). Season. Product Description. This 8 x 10 inch photo is brand new, never used, never displayed and in Entertainment Franchise, Devious Maids. Entertainment Genre. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time! And it looks like Roselyn Sanchez, who portrays Carmen on the hit Lifetime series “Devious Maids,”.

The third season of Devious Maids just started and it looks like it's going to be even crazier than the last. One thing we can count on is Carmen. Since the premiere of Devious Maids, Carmen has been nothing but ambitious. She has been willing to do absolutely anything to make it as a. MarisolCarmenRosieZoilaEvelynGenevieveDanielaValentinaTaylorBlancaPeri · Carmen's red pleated halterneck dress on Devious Maids View Outfit. Carmen's.

Marisol and Nicholas come to a decision about Opal's employment. Reggie is jealous of Rosie's history. Carmen tries to end things with Ty. Zoila and Jasper's. DEVIOUS MAIDS RECAP Until scientists come up with a cure for what Office Space so brilliantly dubbed as “A Case of the Mondays,” we may. Sol Rodriguez, Devious Maids, Lifetime. On Devious Maids, Carmen Luna ( Rosalyn Sanchez) has an awkward, strained relationship with her.

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A steamy episode is up ahead in the next installment of \Devious Maids\ season 4. Devious Maids' Carmen was all too happy to keep sexy Latin pop star Alejandro's true sexuality a secret — and advance her own singing. Likes, 88 Comments - roselyn sanchez (@roselyn_sanchez) on Instagram: “CARMEN LUNA Devious Maids Season 3 coming soon!. She's been having a hard time adjusting to the daughter she gave up years ago not only being in L.A. but also working for the Powells, and. As season two of Lifetime's Devious Maids unravels, the scandals just keep coming. In episode 6 Private Lives gave us insight on some pretty dark secrets. 'Devious Maids' Boss on Go Big or Go Home Finale and Season 4 Monday's closer revealed that Carmen's (Roselyn Sanchez) fiance. The first season of Devious Maids is finished. with all the accents she's employed this season, Carmen was awful, and Zoila was awful too. This week's Devious Maids gave us lots of the beautiful, dynamic duo that is Carmen and Adrian. Today is Carmen's first day as Evelyn's maid Watch #DeviousMaids TONIGHT at 9/8c to see how it goes!. Devious Maids season 4 episode 2 will bring a secret by Genevieve Delatour, played by Susan Lucci, out in the open. While Carmen Luna.