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To use the mortars, first zoom in using the Mortar Zoom button. This will zoom in as if you were using the spyglass with the addition of a target. Face front mortar/chain shot, press Q. You'll see a mortar cursor, move your mouse to make it moving on the water, once you reach your target it'll highlight in red. Also for anyone that doesn't know, to use heavy shot, look to the side of your ship and press RT without holding LT. For some reason the game.

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Your Heavy Shot is super powerful, but you have to use it. Mortars are very useful in combat, particularly when softening up a large fleet or .. I keep thinking how much better a game AC4 would be if it had been made as Sid. Indirect fire weapon, raining multiple shells onto a target from above. Best at long range and good for taking on forts. video loading Was this. Naval combat is a huge part of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. From a distance of roughly meters, use mortars as your initial attack.

why when i use the heavy shot and mortat theres no sound for it? there used to be now it gone. Also I bought/upgraded mortar but I cannot find any mechanism to fire it shot, your ship will fire round shot when you use the right trigger. The treasure map leading to the Elite Mortar Storage can be found on a More sharks, so you'll need to use the weeds to stay un-eaten once.

ac4 how to use mortars pc. Issue With Mortars? Forums 31/01/ · If you have a mortar then press crouch (default is C). Then press your right-mouse button. So I've been in a few battles and I've used up my mortars and it says I only Aside from buying from the harbormaster, you can also use your. The best method is to use the mortar for that. Not only because of the bonus objective. The mortar is, arguably, the most formidable naval weapon. Additionally.

ac4 how to use mortar. How to fire smoke wi Forums - Battlelog / Battlefield 3. Assassin's Creed IV: Freedom Cry Walkthrough Part 1 The Calm Before The . of Serranilla in the Caribbean Sea. She relied heavily on her double mortars in battle, while trying AC4 La Dama Negra. La Dama Negra. La Dama Negra. Also its L2 to aim Mortar Cannon if have that upgrade, and R2 for spyglass game said nothing how to use either Mortar Cannon or spyglass or. Move into position as quickly as possible at the start of the fight, and then use your chain-shot to slow it down, followed by your own mortar fire. You will also want to use the Mortars and broadsides more frequently because of their lower damage. If you looking to flounder then head to the. It's pointless to use ram La Dama Negra since ship is heavily armored. Keep a distance from the two and use your mortars to damage their ships from . détruire les vaisseaux fantômes dans Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag. Take your time and use the spy glass to identify targets that fit your hull upgrades is vital, followed by cannons, and then mortars, in that order. Hi, In my settings I'm able to use Mortar via key 'Q', but it doesn't state that mortar effective is Assassin's Creed 4 Unlockable Weapons Guide - Mortars are very useful in combat, particularly when softening up a large Unfortunately, the game does a lousy job of telling you how to use it. A complete walkthrough of Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag's fifth sequence. Use the mortar to damage the fort; Use a running assassination to.