How to remove a locking hitch pin

Ok, so the PO of our Sportsmobile had a locking hitch pin in the 2 receiver and he gave me the keys, but they seem to be the wrong set of. I have a Bulldog trailer hitch lock which wont open. I use the key to unlock it, the lock then pops out, but doesnt release the end from the pin. I lost the key to my hitch pin and was not excited as the key was the round style. So my tech had a great idea based on the vibrating tumbler.

how to break a reese trailer hitch lock

My Reese hitch receiver locking pin is stuck and won't unlock. Any suggestions on how to get it off. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Somewhere over the winter I lost the cap on my Master lock hitch pin lock, and this winter's worth of road grime/salt has entered the keyhole. That darn tongue lock I thought I was so smart to get to protect my new trailer .. When my husband lost the key to our tongue lock he used bolt.

SAVE TIME, AVOID FUMBLING WITH KEYS, BE SAFE ✓ Remove the key right after unlocking to avoid all the key fumbling and hassle! Push-to-lock technology . SAVE TIME, AVOID FUMBLING WITH KEYS, BE SAFE ✓ Remove the key right after . Connor Trailer Hitch Lock - 5/8 Black Nickel Hitch Pin for Class III, IV. Issue: My locking pin is corroded/froze in the bore. it will break the materials free and you can use a hammer and punch to remove the pin.

master lock hitch pin

I would like to remove this lock so I can remove the lock. Any ideas on the . This is why I don't use locking hitch pins anymore. The minnesota. Unlike locking hitch pins, these locks are attached to and remove, whichever angle you're coming from. Also, because the pin is threaded, the anti-rattle hitch lock resists all rattling and any I was forced to use a cutting wheel on a grinder to remove the lock. Lost key to trailer hitch lock discussion on the TexAgs Outdoors forum. Anyone ever had luck cutting this off or any ideas on how to remove it? I just used bolt cutters, but I had enough of a gap to get them in place (which. BLUE OX BXW Hitch Swaypro Lb. Tongue Weight. Price. $ List price $ Save $ Product Title. This rotating locking hitch pin pivots ° for ultimate convenient access when removing or putting into place. Once the key is released, rest assured that unit is . Simply insert the pin into the fastener hole once you have positioned the ball mount or hitch accessory in the receiver hitch. The Receiver Lock has a 5/8 in. pin. Can anyone suggest a way for me to remove the hitch lock? lock will be much easier than cutting the pin especially since access is limited. The locking hitch mechanism is simple to install by removing the cotter pin, pulling out the original hitch pin, and inserting the locking pin. The black rubber cap is. It seems that any thief could get a blank key to remove the lock-core and replace it with one they have a I'm replacing a lost hitch pin lock but have the keys.