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Why not use your old Christmas cards to make a selection of new ones, so you'll always have one at hand to pop inside the next book you read. Don't just dump those Christmas cards in the trash when the season is over—find a new use by recycling them into one of these winter holiday crafts. How to Put Old Greeting Cards to Use. If you find it difficult to throw away old greeting cards, consider recycling them into something new.

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Use old Christmas cards to make gift tags! great way to recycle cards and save money from buying gift tags:) A great use for your can do this with . How cute are these trees made out of old Christmas cards?? I have a TON of those! Usually, I save them and use them as gift tags later or use pieces to make . Mason Jar Toppers – Next time you gift someone with homemade jam or bath salts, use an old Christmas card to decorate the top of the jar.

How to Reuse & Recycle Old Christmas Cards Cut off the back of the card and use the front as a postcard, but make sure it fits postcard. This isn't a craft blog, but I am aware that lots of people love to use old Christmas cards for paper crafts because of the pretty pictures many of them have on. With simple household items, you can transform the holiday cards of the past into Christmas decorations of the present -- and create your family's own little.

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Repurpose last year's holiday greetings with these cute Christmas card crafts. Learn how to make ornaments, decor and more. Here's a great way to use your old Christmas cards AND save a lot of money for next year. Cut out tag shapes from all those cards and tie some. You'd never guess these chic ornaments started as old Christmas cards. Use a flower punch to punch flowers from Christmas cards of. I use old greeting cards and scratched cds to make beautiful coasters. You make a template from a piece of acetate and place this so the part of the card you. Don't toss those Christmas cards right after the holiday. There are Make a Christmas Memory Scrapbook Using the Old Cards for Pockets. Don't toss your old Christmas holiday greeting cards. You can use the little puzzles as a counting or sorting activity for your little ones, and. 51 EPIC ways to recycle old Christmas cards. Use bits and pieces from the Christmas cards you've collected to create brand new cards!. Schools often collect used greeting cards to use for craft projects and other in your area that will be happy to accept old Christmas cards you wish to donate. Don't throw away those old Christmas or birthday cards. Consider one of these keepsake-worthy crafts dreamed up by some of our favorite DIY. Have a bunch of old Christmas cards? Here's a few Christmas cards Here's a way to re-use them and re-treasure them, too. Christmas Cards.