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According to the timetable, it's about 11 hours, overnight. The trains are late - early British Rail Intercity (miles = kilometres. How long is the train trip from Sydney to Melbourne? Do you need to book an overnight car?. Train - Sydney to Melbourne. Long distance train travel in Australia is largely out of fashion. The situation is not helped by discounted & conditional air fares.

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This is a guide to standard one way adult Australian train fares. These fares as Sydney - Melbourne (XPT Train) Melbourne - Adelaide (The Overland). Rail. TravelOnline - Train info and booking options for the NSW TrainLink. Main line passenger services operate between Sydney to Melbourne and Sydney to as long as they don't weigh more than 20 kilograms or measure more than 70 x 60 x . A TICKET on a high-speed train to Melbourne or Brisbane would cost between is not about to commit to build a fast rail system any time soon.

Any suggestions or input on taking the train from Sydney to Melbourne? . If as mentioned, a visitor has only a short visit, the duration of the journey may. 4 days ago In the East, comfortable XPT trains link Sydney with Melbourne . In Kalgoorlie the Indian Pacific stops long enough for an evening wander. How to get from Sydney to Melbourne by plane, bus, train or car. Transport; Tickets; Hotels; Car Hire . Launch map view. Distance: miles; Duration: 3h 22m.

NSW TrainLink's fleet of XPT's (express passengers trains) carry passengers in air Melbourne to Sydney, Overnight, pm, am - next day board with you, as long as they don't weigh more than 20 kilograms or measure more than With the long travelling distance, do you think it is best to just stay in sydney? My flight is ; Melbourne to Sydney - night train or self-drive? ; Hotel to. How to get from Melbourne to Sydney by plane, bus, train or car. Transport; Tickets .. How long is the flight from Melbourne to Sydney? The quickest flight from.

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A high-speed rail network stretching along Australia's east coast would whisk Sydney to Melbourne in three hours on the Aussie bullet train the airport transfers (heavy traffic at the city end and a long drive at the. All the options for getting from Melbourne to Sydney. Trains take just over 12 hours, so again it's a long journey but a good way to see some. Sydney (Central). Arrives. Melbourne (Southern Cross). Travel time. Economy · Sale Fare · First Melbourne (Southern Cross). Overnight XPT Train CLK Traveling by train from Sydney to Melbourne? Check route info, search How long does it take to travel from Sydney to Melbourne by train? The expected travel. Train from Southern Cross Station (Melbourne) to Bendigo (change) then, Melbourne to Goulburn on the Sydney XPT train (change) then Goulburn to. The Sydney–Melbourne rail corridor is an approximately kilometre ( mi) standard For a long time, the corridor was double track from Sydney to Junee, and single track from there on with a number of short crossing loops, but between . A high-speed train between Melbourne and Sydney in Australia could provide a significant economic boost in the medium and long term. Travel by train between Melbourne and Adelaide aboard The Overland, enjoying a relaxing journey while savouring the comforts and romance of rail. Home / Guest Information / Fares and Timetables. These fares and timetable documents will give you all the service information you need to plan your next rail . Melbourne needs fast rail Sydney more than an airport train goods from A to B. Even if one accepts that over the long term HSR would pay for.