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Zamboni or The Zamboni may refer to: an ice resurfacer, commonly known as a Zamboni machine as a genericized trademark; Zamboni Company, a maker of. In , Frank Zamboni, his brother and his cousin built a skating rink in Paramount, California. Their rink, named “Iceland, was one of the largest ice rinks in. The nastier the floor, the harder the party should push you to zamboni. No floor is too gross to exempt you from zamboni. You often have to zamboni during beer.

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Frank J. Zamboni invented the world's first self-propelled ice resurfacing machine and wanted to name his company the Paramount Engineering Company. Define Zamboni. Zamboni synonyms, Zamboni pronunciation, Zamboni translation, English dictionary definition of Zamboni. A trademark for a machine that. The Zamboni machine is by far the most popular ice resurfacer which being used in order to smooth and to clean at the same time the ice surface of a rink. At.

In order to efficiently care for an ice rink, ice rink owners spend large sums of money for a machine known as a Zamboni that is able to shave the ice, collect the. First, a blade ranging from inches ( centimeters) cuts the ice [ sources: Fleming,Zamboni]. And by cut, we mean a very close shave -- NHL teams. the trademark for a machine that smooths the ice in an ice-skating rink.

From the surname of the inventor, Frank J. Zamboni, and his brand of such machines. Zamboni was originally (and may still be) a trademark of Frank J. Zamboni. Last winter, Jay Shefsky laced up his skates and hit the ice ribbon at Maggie Daley Park, where he met the Zamboni driver. We revisit his time. Zamboni ice resurfacers are used in arenas across Canada and around the world. Although Zamboni is a registered trademark, many.

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Zamboni definition, a brand of machine that smooths the surface of the ice on a rink. See more. Frank Zamboni, the son of Italian immigrants, invented the first ice resurfacing machine in Paramount, California, in Zamboni initially wanted to name his . Making ice. So how do you make ice? Ice makers were hard at work long before Professor Somorjai's research was published. Most of their knowledge about ice . Zamboni is a song written by Martin Zellar and recorded by his band Gear Daddies. The song tells the story of a man's desire to drive an ice resurfacer. Driving a Zamboni is probably an everyman's dream; the ice “If necessity is the mother of all inventions Frank J. Zamboni might be its father,”. Zamboni, the ice-resurfacing machine invented by Frank Zamboni, has become associated with the NHL, professional ice skating and ice rinks worlwide. Ice resurfacing machines are widely known by the brand name Zamboni. The main component of an ice resurfacing machine is the sled (also known as the. Zamboni machines were invented in in Paramount, CA by Frank Zamboni. The machines are actually called ice resurfacers, and Zamboni. It's the classic cool job - driving a zamboni. How can ice resurfacing work be so desirable? Find out. Zamboni jobs described in a nutshell, including pay info. What's it take to keep a Zamboni running? At The Q, a special team keeps the ice -resurfacing machine rolling smoothly.