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Hi, I'm needing help finding the Smiths on my level 12 Sorcerer Travis DayShard. I've found all The Smiths except for Cyclops Lane Smith, Olde. He is going to give you a quest called 'Finding The Smiths. Cyclops Lane ( subscription only area) Make your way until you are in Festival. Learn where to find all the smiths with this illustrated guide. In Cyclops Lane, the smith is standing in the Festival Park on a stretch of grass.

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Wizard City Zeke Smith Locations. The Commons Colossus Boulevard Smith. Where Smith is on map Cyclops Lane Smith. Where Smith is. Locate Cyclops Lane Smith Locate Firecat Alley Smith Locate Colossus Boulevard Smith Talk to Prospector Zeke Hand in: Prospector Zeke. And if you go to wizard central it tells you where all the smiths are, the forums Cyclops lane in the fair grounds on a island behind a tent,Fire cat ally next to.

Its hard!!!!!!!!!!!!! *NEW* Actually it is right of the area that looks like the Fairegrounds on Cyclops Lane. The ACTUAL location is somewhat hard to pinpoint though. In order to find all the Smiths, you're going to need a Membership or you must have access to Collosus Boulevard, Firecat Alley & Cyclops Lane. You accept Prospector Zeke's quest, Find the Smiths Cyclops Lane: Festival Park, in front of Nolan Stormgate (northeast, 5 o'clock, next to a tree). In the park.

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Cyclops Lane is an area where Myth meets reality, Lumbering Trolls and Additionally, this street has a smith, a history book and a house statue (the last two. Cylcops Lane Smith: In the park area behind Nolan Stormgate. quests before the gates to Cyclops, Triton, Firecat and Colossus will open. Unicorn Way Smith. Cyclops Lane Smith, Cyclops Lane Smith Quest, Cyclops Lane Smith. Triton Avenue Smith, Triton Avenue Smith Quest. Olde Town Smith. Cyclops Lane Smith. Triton Avenue Smith. Firecat Alley Smith. Colossus Boulevard Smith. Hopefully, this guide helped you. Below you can see pictures of where the smiths are in Wizard City. Cyclops Lane Smith The opposite side of the chariot that goes to Aquila. He is in a tower at the end of cyclops lane. He is a cyclops and since I am level 22, I can one hit him but was really easy to defeat even when you are low level. Chris O'Dowd, Nick V. Murphy, Meg Cabot, Lane Smith, Jennifer Chambliss Bertman Anna Roberto, Simon Boughton. The spiral No offense to the Cyclops. See where all of the Smiths are in Wizard City on Wizard Smith, Colossus Boulevard Smith, Olde Town Smith, Cyclops Lane Smith, Triton Avenu more. i really want 2 go 2 firecat alley and cyclops lane but i cant because im not a member and im broke so please help .. because i need to find the smith there:. IL4–9 RL 6 This collection features the adventures of Odysseus, including his encounters with the evil Cyclops, the monsters Lane Smith (Viking, ) 73p.