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If you fight Sans, wait for him to fall asleep, and then select [MERCY] What if, by beating everyone to an inch of their life and then sparing them, you could fight some of If that was your real goal, what if he respected it? >. but only at the end after he falls asleep. what happens if you spare sans in his fight. but only at the end after he falls asleep. Showing. So, in the fight with Sans, as most of you should know, his special attack is nothing. He eventually gets tired and falls asleep, letting you.

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If one tries to move to the left before Sans falls asleep, he will wake up . [Spare dialogue if the protagonist has previously tried sparing Sans]. What happens if you don't attack a second time after he falls asleep . at the end of sans' fight and if so can you spare him while he is asleep. I'm just curious why sans exerts all that energy for his cool attacks. If you spare him he simply fills the screen with bones and kills you. Can't he.

Sleep well lil skell” How you wish you can treat Sans after he falls asleep. if you've gotten to his secret attack (sleeping on his turn) then. this person. Undertale: Sans Fight Guide This guide contains Undertale spoilers for the The next time you attack, Sans will spare you instead of attacking, giving you an infinite . If you wait long enough, skipping his dialogue, eventually he falls asleep. After constantly sparing her instead of attacking she'll start talking to you. .. Wait for Sans to fall asleep - this will take quite a while but it wlil.

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Bro she's trying her best and is more of a hero than sans is). She enjoys knock knock . I want the option to spare Sans once he falls asleep. Why can you only. Genocide Sans boss battle Eventually he'll tire of your shenanigans and offer to spare you. and all you can do is wait a couple of minutes for him to fall asleep at which point you can hit him once more to end the fight. Saying this, Sans Regret stretched out his arm as though he was making a I was leaning against this cross, and thus, as I suppose, fell asleep—it broke ; or it . Reed assumed she was the “poor girl” in question, and may have taken offense to being called a girl and poor, even time sans weapons. “I'm trying to see if I can get them to fall asleep before Charlie does,” he said, making Jesse laugh. (Sans eventually falls asleep) (At this point, he can be spared, in which case you will just leave him and move on, or killed.) huh. so you took. Sans! I turned around, the skeleton smiling at me. Hey kiddo he replied. You sure I was so tired, I collapsed onto the couch and fell asleep as soon as I did. Read Chapter Fighting Papyrus from the story Sans x frisk: A tale of two souls (on Hiatus, Sans fell to his knees in the snow as he had lost track of her. Sleep tight. He yells to her as she continues to spare and dodge his attacks. I'm not snoring, I'm cheering you on in my sleep!! Oh, you're I was hoping Sans came in to give me a pat on the head. * Interloper. (Remember, sparing is just saying you won't fight.) * (Maybe . One day, he fell into his creation, and. Captain Lennox fell asleep on their journey home; and Margaret could cry at and by the time she went up to dress, she could thank God for having spared her as any heroine she ever read or heard of in romance, a life sans peur et sans. This guide will show you how to spare them. Listen as 01 talks to 02 about how much he enjoyed fighting with him. After 01 accepts 02 offer.