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Moisturising and sealing is a two stage process which helps to keep hair hydrated. Firstly, a moisturising cream, lotion or liquid spray is applied to the entire. Learn why moisturizing and sealing your hair whether you are relaxed or natural is important in the constant fight against porosity. 6 steps to. Firstly, a moisturising cream, lotion or liquid spray is applied to the entire. Learn why moisturizing and sealing your hair whether you are relaxed.

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When it comes to moisturizing and sealing, it can be very confusing on whether or not to do it. Even as a hair care professional, I have not. The oils that can not penetrate the hair shaft are best used to seal the hair and lock the moisture in. Also it is best not to use sealing oils on your scalp. I hope you had a great Easter break i know i did:) In today's post i will be showing you how i moisturize and seal my relaxed hair, but before i.

How To Moisturize and Seal Relaxed Hair. Hey Ladies and Gents! Here is a quick video on how I moisturize and seal my hair. Hope you enjoy! PRODUCTS: . In the winter I tend to find it's harder to keep my hair moisturized for more than a couple . I've found it's best to moisturize and seal as your hair only as needed. The moisture and seal thing wasn't working for me until I realized I For my relaxed hair, too much product does make my hair hard and.

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How to Take Care of Relaxed African Hair. To take care of African hair, the most important element is moisture. You want to keep your hair hydrated and. Most Black women get lost at the beginning of their HHJs when they encounter the phrase 'Moisturize and Seal Hair' - here is exactly what that. There is A LOT of information out there, but if you're just starting out, I think I can give you a few tips on how to moisturize and seal relaxed hair!. Relaxed Hair Night Routine. Moisturize and Seal Relaxed Hair. Detangle Relaxed Hair. Baggy Method for Relaxed Hair. How to Detangle. Relaxed hair will need multiple layers of moisture to help the moisture seal in. The easiest method is a two-step moisturizer and oil application. To start, you'll. Get tips and learn about the best moisturizing hair oils and sealing hair oils for coily and natural hair to promote hair growth by Carol's. Sealing is locking moisture in the hair, specifically the ends. To do, apply a leave- in conditioner with water as its first ingredient (try Qhemet. Every Thursday, natural hair blogger extraordinaire CurlyNikki will be Some folks only moisturize and seal on washday, while others find that. Part 2 touches on prepping hair for styling, as it is key to achieving the 'salon quality' look. Here is part 1 that covers how I wash my hair. In scientific terms, moisturising hair is quite easy simply because it is .. Black hair includes natural, heat straightened, and yes relaxed.