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Kevin Douglas Ware Jr. (born January 3, ) is an American professional basketball player. . USA Today. ^ Kevin Ware. Archived from the original on March 22, Retrieved March 31, ^ Know your Cardinals: Sophomore guard Kevin Ware. Kevin Ware isn’t the most household name but, he is known in the basketball community for his gruesome injury. March 31st, the 1 seeded Louisville Cardinals made it to the Elite Eight in the NCAA Tournament where they found themselves facing the 2 seeded Duke Blue Devils. GET YOUR SELF A PHONE CASE TODAY AT - pleasedothisfor.me SUBSCRIBE TO MY SECOND CHANNEL (SOCCER/FOOTBALL).

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I was Kevin Ware, the guy who broke his leg. Now I'm working hard to be Kevin Ware, the professional basketball player. When Kevin Ware Jr. checks into a basketball game in London, Ontario, the applause is short lived. There are only a couple thousand fans in. Rockdale alum Kevin Ware returns to the Bulldogs gym for the first time Now playing professionally around the world, Ware learned that he.

If Louisville never won the NCAA championship in , former player Kevin Ware - who suffered a gruesome leg injury in the middle of the. University of Louisville guard Kevin Ware suffered a gruesome right leg injury during his team's victory over Duke in the Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports. Jeff Goodman of pleasedothisfor.me talked to Kevin Ware about his injury, rehab and his . Louisville G Kevin Ware up and moving on crutches today after surgery to.

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Kevin Douglas Ware (New York, ) has finished his college career in Georgia State and, after three years, now feels fully healthy and ready. Louisville's Kevin Ware was back on the court Wednesday for the first time Today in , “The Happiest Place on Earth,” Disneyland, opened to the public. Former Louisville guard Kevin Ware, who suffered a gruesome injury in Now he walks onto the floor, re-tying the drawstrings on his shorts. Louisville men's basketball has big issues at the moment, and now former player Kevin Ware is ready to talk. A scandal involving payments to a. Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware's horrific leg fracture was a freak accident that may have been exacerbated by previously undetected. After suffering a gruesome leg injury during the NCAA tournament two years ago while with Louisville, Kevin Ware now plays closer to home at Georgia State. Where is Kevin Ware? And now exactly one year later, the Cardinals are improbably headed back to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, the. It might be fair to say that no one sacrificed more in Louisville's title win over Michigan than Kevin Ware, who suffered an absolutely. The leg injury suffered by Louisville's Kevin Ware this weekend was so cutting Ware from the team right now, taking away his scholarship. Learn about basketball's Kevin Ware, broken leg and recovery for an open fracture. Read about the type of injury, possible complications, and.