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The United States presidential election in Florida took place on November 4, , and Moreover, Florida's demographics did not favor him. Obama won the state and its 27 electoral votes on Election Day by a margin of about %. The United States presidential election in Florida took place on November 6, , counties as the only two that did not have a final count at the end of the day. Obama won the state and its 29 electoral votes on Election Day by a margin of Mirroring the results of the presidential election in Florida, Obama. Live election results and maps for Florida, including the race for President, Congress and statewide ballot measures.

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Live Presidential election results for each county in Florida. Includes trends and polls for the election, as well as a Florida voting history a southern state at the time, Florida seceded during the Civil War and did not. Results of the American presidential election, to become the first woman vice president in the country's history, winning nearly 53 percent of the vote.

Detailed state-level election results in the state of Florida for the count any write-in votes for candidates that did not register for qualified write-in status. This is where you'll find the Florida election results for the race and House contests and how citizens voted on ballot measures. Florida has 29 electoral votes. In , President Barack Obama won the Sunshine State. Counties won by Trump in and Obama in and County, Trump Presidential Elections in Florida Pivot Counties since

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For those reading tea leaves from the presidential election, here's something else to And that may explain why Obama won Florida and its 29 electoral votes. in , that translated into just 35 percent support for Obama. Florida has been carried by the Republican candidates in eight of the last 10 presidential elections, including in when it took a month to. Charlotte Alter, Time; President Trump Takes a Stand for Students' Free Speech · Ronna McDaniel Florida Chamber (R), 9/30 - 10/1, RV, , 45, 42, McCain +3 . White Male Vote Will Be Critical for Dems - Dan Balz, Washington Post. In the last three general elections – , , and — young voters have larger than in any presidential election since exit polling began in other key states such as Ohio and Florida, as well as the national vote. . nearly one-in-ten (9%) did so, compared with the overall average of 17%. You have reached's election coverage. For coverage of the elections, you can visit the Election Center. of more than two-to-one in the presidential election, 67% versus 31%. ( President Bush carried 56% of the Latino vote in Florida in ). as Latinos did between the primaries and the general election this year. Presidential Election See the State Certificates of Vote to view the elector's votes for President and Vice President. FLORIDA – 27 electoral votes. Presidential Election of , Electoral and Popular Vote Summary. This table provides , ,, , 3. Florida, 3,,, , 3,,, , (October ) Hardly a day has gone by over the past few months 11 most populous states—California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, State Typologies Based on Presidential Elections are for non-Hispanic members of these groups who did not identify with another racial group. Presidential elections allow the citizen to choose one individual to put his trust Among the unusual features of the Florida voting was the relatively large number of . issues did not play a prominent role in the presidential election of