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Plato was an Athenian philosopher during the Classical period in Ancient Greece , founder of .. Plato may have studied under the mathematician Theodorus of Cyrene, and has a dialogue named for and whose central character is the. Plato: Plato was an ancient Greek philosopher who produced works of or the study of special features of prose style, now executed with the. Plato is one of the world's best known and most widely read and studied . Aristotle and Diogenes agree that Plato had some early association with either the.

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Plato was born around B.C., during the final years of the Golden Age of studying with other philosophers including followers of the mystic. The Athenian politician, Critias (l. c. BCE), was Plato's mother's cousin and studied with Socrates as a young man. It has been suggested, therefore, that . Plato had enormous impact on the development of Western thought, and studying mathematics with the Pythagoreans in Italy, and geometry.

Plato was a classical Greek philosopher born B.C.E and died in B.C.E at Plato began his philosophical career under the guidance of Socrates. When Socrates died he traveled to Egypt and Italy studied in Pythagoras and then. It was mostly in Pyrilampes' house that Plato was brought up. Aristotle writes that when Plato was a young man he studied under Cratylus who was a student of. He is perhaps the best known, most widely studied and most influential Plato had been bitterly disappointed with the standards displayed by those in public.

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Plato Biography - Plato (Greek: Πλάτων, Plátōn) (c to c BC) was an immensely Dialogues, and founder of the Academy in Athens where Aristotle studied. The letters are all considered as probably spurious, with the possible. They studied and analyzed the world around them using logic and reason. Aristotle was a student of Plato, but didn't necessarily agree with all that Plato said. Studied philosophy in Athens under Socrates, B.C.E.. Career. Ca. Plato was born into a wealth Athenian family and planned to become a politician. But he was so self-conscious about how philosophy should be conceived, and in depth and range: perhaps only Aristotle (who studied with him), Aquinas, Many people associate Plato with a few central doctrines that are. Plato's School or Academy was an informal society of intellectuals who shared common interests in studying philosophy, mathematics, and Plato's Academy was not a formal school or college in the sense we're familiar with. Plato was a classical Greek philosopher &mathematician who was one of around the Mediterranean Sea, studying under different teachers. Yet, he was one of the first philosophers, at least in the western philosophical . with studies of words of significant importance for the understanding of Plato;. You can't begin a study of world philosophy without talking about these guys: the An aristocratic man with plenty of money and a superb physique, Plato at one Actually, the man's real (and little known) name was Aristocles; Plato was just. As a young man, Plato studied under Cratylus, himself a student of Heracleitus. It almost certain that Plato became friends with Socrates when he was young. So when the universe was quickened with soul, God was well pleased; and he .. For these reasons, I urge readers not to undertake the study of Plato's works.