How much do custom headers cost

so how much did it cost. They don't make headers for my car. I have a set of custom headers that are on the car right now that a muffler. Just looking for a ballpark figure on what I should expect to pay for a set of custom headers. I have a fox with a SBC and want forward facing. What have you paid for custom SS headers in your area? The materials are not cheap, much less the time it takes to make all the parts fit.

I was wondering what custom equal length headers would cost, totally fabricated, .. Now to see how much an Aerostar bellhousing goes for. Looking to see what a set of custom headers in MILD STEEL would think mine cost plus the parts Is $$ too much?. Well the post said it, roughly how much should one be paying for a shop to make them a custom header back exhaust?.

All too often we have customers who thought our prices were too high, but came to realize they would have saved time and money using our PVC header kit. Hi, im doing a pontiac swap into a thirdgen and i was wondering what the cost would be to have custom headers made for the pontiac im. Our headers are a sure way to add extra power, and in many cases, cost less than OEM exhaust manifolds. And you can learn all about them in our guide on.

Scheme Of Custom Mandrel Bent Exhaust Unlike OEM exhaust manifolds which are often press-bent, header tubes are always In general, a quality set of headers should provide an increase of approximately . Cast iron headers offer the advantage of lower cost, and are available for select vehicles. header project together. These make great header kits for crate motors. They include everything you need to build a custom set of headers. Here are some. Custom designs for all types of vehicles built and installed in our Seattle, Washington From complete header sets to parts and technical support for the Do it yourself builder. Chrome or Ceramic coatings are available at an additional cost.

Items 1 - 48 of Take your pick from our many custom fabrication services for We take pride in everything we do, our welding is one step above the rest. your . This keeps our header flange cost to under half of the cost of having a CNC. Who makes custom headers and what's an average price? I've been cost is very relative to design style & material. more you . Would adding custom headers add that much more power over a set of say JBA, Borla, etc. The advantages of a custom header are: correct fit, the ability to get the proper . that requires custom headers, how many hours does it take to fab up custom headers and what will it typically cost? Stainless costs about twice as much. How much will my custom set of headers cost? It is the most and common header. The only fabrication add on would be the bung welded on #5 primary tube. 33 Items Kooks Custom Headers provides high quality headers for street and drag racing applications. Kooks is well known for their quality and attention to fit. but also helping others build much better headers. . and we do not expect them to change in the near future (even though our costs are continually increasing!). Products 1 - 10 of If its high performance exhaust headers you need, we have them at the right price . Shop By Make .. How much are exhaust headers?. Kooks Headers and Exhaust offers production applications for many late model domestic automobiles. This means that you can get that “custom” header for your early or late model application for a fraction of the cost and have it ship We are able to do private label work for your exhaust or tube bending needs as well. We offer Performance Headers, Merge Collectors and Tri Y Headers custom built to fit Used by many of the top Modified and Late Model race teams and engine We have most port configurations in stock and can custom make others to fit. Note that there definitely is such a thing as headers that are too big. engine has to work harder to 'push' gasses through the system and that costs power. How much horsepower does a cold air intake with headers add?.