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For The Sims 3 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Can't place and no matter what I tried-I now cannot delete the stairs. I've tried to delete it quite a few times with Ctrl+click, and it works. Well, its difficult to delete it at first, but I tried to delete it with different angle and location. So I have this annoying stair that refuses to be styled with CASt. July 16 - We will be performing a maintenance on The Sims 3 servers today.

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I was editing an already built house in the sims 2 and i can't move,delete, or change this green staircase. i have tried the move objects cheat. How do I buy things on sims 3pets for the xbox ? How to buy How long does a pregnancy last on the sims 3 pets for x, I got a m. Deleting Stairs I can't delete stairs in premade Maxis houses! In several of my houses the staircases are ugly and I wanted to replace them with.

Why can't you? All you have to do is use the sledgehammer tool on them just like you would to get rid of unwanted wall, foundation, decking. I really have trouble lining up the stairs from the level below because I miss in Sims 3 where you could delete each individual wall rather than. The Sims 3; Can't Delete Stairs? User Info: zodiastar. zodiastar 9 years ago #1. Okay, I was building a second floor to my sims home-and had to put stairs.

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The walls around the stairs can then be covered in any wall covering just like any other wall. If you don't want this wall, you can remove it with the sledgehammer. How do you delete floating stairs in sims 3 for ps3?.., The Sims 3 Answers for the Playstation 3. hold down ctrl, and click on or drag over the thing you wish to delete. building tool and then press Ctrl and drag over the stairs to delete it. sorchin. newseeker total posts: 17 since: Sep Sep 22, 04 at pm (PST) ^. First you delete your roof, then you can get stairs in the Build Mode, and after that put the stairs somewhere on the 1st floor and build a floor on the second floor. Okay, I was building a second floor to my sims home-and had to put stairs. I put the stairs on the first floor in a horrible place and no matter what. I've tried to. The only way to fix this is to use the move_objects cheat to delete the stairs, then buy The Sims 3: Generations also allows spiral staircases to be used on a lot. How do you delete stairs in sims 3 Learn How to Edit Lots and Customize Your World in The Sims 4 Or, to a different World. Sims aren't stuck. I'm a noob to both Sims 3 and this board. If you're having trouble, place the stairs 1 section at a time, and remove the hand rails in the middle. In the Sims 3, suddenly my Sims have started climbing the stairs, stopping at the which was to locate and delete all Cached files and files ending in package. How to Delete Walls in Sims 2. If you want to rework your Sims' floor plan in Sims 2, you may need to delete a few walls. The process is easy.