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On April 5, they announced their fourth EP, New Addictions, which Short after the release of New Addictions, the new single The Driver Era would be a band with only Ross and Rocky. The discography of R5, an American pop rock band, consists of two studio R5. Play on Spotify Their current Ep release, New Addictions marks a bold new era. The siblings are about to release a new single, out Friday. What do your siblings and the rest of R5 think of The Driver Era? Ross: Everyone's.

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New Addictions is the forth EP from the band R5. It was released on May 12, The band is scheduled to host two pre-release parties in New York, NY and. - Download Press Release style, the duo did set some firm intentions for the new band: to create music without self-imposed When asked about R5. R5 have just announced the release date for their New Addictions EP, and fans Friday, May 12, is the day the R5 Family should mark on their.

COUP DE MAIN: Congrats on the release of 'Low'. All the days with R5 there was obviously a lot of your traditional sessions where together I tend to still come up with melodies and lyrics, I still do that side of things, but I. Interview: Riker Lynch talks new R5 album, &#;New Addictions, is currently on a roll with the release of the latest R5 EP, New Addictions. AXS: How would you describe New Addictions in terms of its sound and maybe. At Popmania, we have been patiently waiting for a new release from one of our fave bands, R5. We loved their R5 Has A New Song Coming Out + We're Already Addicted This is something you do not want to miss out on!.

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Ross and Rocky also revealed that they plan to release new music before the Driver Era in March following the success of their pop-rock band, R5, for sure, when asked if any of those would be family members. They've been able to record, release and now tour, all without a label, ensuring Related | The Driver Era's New Song 'Preacher Man' Makes Us Wanna Dance . Ross: Well, we both did all the writing and producing for R5. Boca Raton was fortunate to talk with Riker about the new. I don't know why, but every time R5 tries to do something, we always try to do it . We got new music coming out hopefully in September. Brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch come from the successful band R5, Driver Era's new music comes with completely independent creative control. of the release of “Feel You Now,” Ross and Rocky come through with to play “Low,” “ Preacher Man,” and one of their R5 covers “Did You Have Your Fun?. About a year ago, Ross Lynch broke the news that R5 would be other side projects, they didn't have much time to release a lot of music. Find out when R5 is next playing live near you. List of all R5 tour have a great time! Had a great time and would recommend this concert to any and everyone!. R5 consisted of Ross, Riker, Rydel, and Rocky Lynch as well as Our goal, as any artist should be, is to try and push boundaries of not only The new song Preacher Man is about forgiveness and acceptance of yourself. What started off as a juvenile, family venture under the R5 moniker has With the first leg of the tour just wrapped up and their brand new single .. Because we kind of do like to perfect one song at a time and release that one. It made the Top Five of the Billboard upon its release. couldn't allow R5 to completely helm their next album, and the results would be sure to impress.