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Serve Veechu Parotta Or Ceylon Parotta along with a spicy South Indian Curry. Veechu Parotta Recipe is a very famous bread in Sri Lanka. If you like this recipe of Veechu Parotta/Ceylon Parotta Recipe, here are a few more Parotta recipes. Popular Veechu Parotta or Ceylon Parotta recipe with step by step pictures. Ceylon Parotta How to make Ceylon Parotta | Veechu Parotta –. Veechu parotta is not a layered parotta but it is very thin and dough procedure is Step 2. Add maida, water and make dough. zoom.

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We see more variety in parota but this is some special and rich with egg stuffing in veech of flour. This veechu parota is very easy. - Muttai. Shanthi my on and off maid who is an expert in making parottas, helped me with the challenging veechu/veesu part. I wanted her to make me. The dough procedure is same like the layered parotta. Here I tried simple veechu parotta without egg and easy to prepare for beginners.

How to make Veechu Parotta. For the Veechu parotta, the dough is the same. Except after you pinch down a ball, grease more oil, roll out a thin. Veechu Parotta Recipe is a very famous Indian bread in Sri Lanka. To begin making the Veechu Parotta Recipe, we will add all the. A parotta, porotta or barotta is a layered flatbread, originating from the Indian subcontinent, Veechu Parotta, Similar to Rumali Roti. Very thin parotta. This name is used in Parotta making - A video filmed at a Tamil market diner ( Dhaba).

Veechu Parotta Recipe is a very famous bread in Sri Lanka. but in this recipe we have used a combination of maid and whole wheat flour to make it healthier. (Veechu) One thing about parotta is that it requires more oil and it takes time to prepare also. So obviously this is a weekend recipe. Kneading. There are different versions to make parotta in which veechu parotta is an madurai, tamil nadu spl version. The dough is the same but this.

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View all restaurants serving Veechu Parotta in Chennai. Veechu Parotta in Chennai - View Menus, Photos, Reviews and Information for restaurants serving . Thin, multi-layered, melt in mouth flat bread – Ceylon Parotta! how to make veechu parotta at home, plain ceylon parotta recipe, veechu. Malabar parota,Ceylon parota,veechu parota or Lacha south Make such rolls and let it rest for another 30 minutes. Later gently roll. Cettinad Restaurant: The only joint with Veechu Parotta, great Mutton Chukka with the south indian community here who make up for the majority of patrons. Each type of parotta has its own unique style of preparation. For example, for making Veechu Parotta, a popular dish from Madurai, the dough. However, it takes much practice to make the perfect parotta, and it is Although veechu parotta uses the same ingredients as coin and Malabar. Veechu parota is similar like a south Indian right Kamala, i tasted this parota with egg but doesn't taste good like the layered one we make it. A parotta, porotta or barotta is a layered flatbread, originating from the Indian subcontinent, made from maida flour, Veechu Parotta, Similar to Rumali Roti. Kothu Parotta / Mutton Kothu Parotta / Veechu Parotta / Chili Parotta Keep all the ingredients ready fo making this kothu parotta a iron. Veechu Parotta, one of the recipes that I have always seen street vendors make with such an ease. Layers of the thinly rolled dough makes this very flaky and.