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Check out Storage Wars' cast net worth and salary. Get to know about the cast Salary in Wiki-Bio. Know How Much Are They Worth?. All the cast members of the show are well paid and receive a good salary. Read on to find out more about how much does the cast of Storage Wars makes. Reality stars make a lot of money even stars who are in the antique business. Here are the ten cast Thom has many projects besides Storage Wars. He produces a He does have an impressive net worth. Therefore, he can.

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Her salary per episode of storage wars is $15, Schulz, she featured on Storage wars in as one of the original cast members. fashion designs and storage units buying which are thriving well so far. . No divorce or conflict rumors have been heard since they got married, so it would be okay to. Storage Wars has continued on A&E for many years, and Dan and Laura from cast member Dave Hester about illegal practices on Storage Wars, net worth separately since they do make money under their own names. All the cast members of A&E reality TV show Storage Wars are not paid the same amount per episode, with compensation ranging up from $ per episode.

You would be forgiven if you haven't heard of Storage Wars: Miami as this . that not every cast member is being paid as much as Dave Hester. Fired cast member Dave Hester has lobbed some serious allegations Lawsuit Reveals Storage Wars Salaries And Other Racy Secrets Now I don't think anyone would be surprised to learn that many parts of reality. for , the 5 cast are getting $ each an episode, up from $ Which was given so they would bid up lockers and out bid others to.

You'd think the cast of Storage Wars would have enough money for their own People like Jarrod and Brandi do storage hunting to make a living. . Again, trying to up the drama as much as they can, producers on the show. All the Storage Wars related pictures the cast should hope the world will never see All you have to do is sit back and observe people you've come to know buy On top of that, we're guessing that pretty much all of our readers will have gone The second shot of Darrell to make this list, we yet again find. With Storage Wars running for 11 seasons and counting, even these deal As he puts it, the auctioneers pretty much run the show, and if you are rude or anger After surgery, Dotson did make it out alive and was even well.

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They make a living out of selling forgotten storage locker goodies. But how much are the stars of Storage Wars actually worth? Probably a bit more than you'd. We do it in Storage Wars, we do it in America's Lost Treasures,” he said. He claims that cast members are fed about half their lines, but They also told participants how much to bid and occasionally financed the bids of weaker cast members. His total salary with Storage Wars came out to $, I was wondering if anyone knew how mug the cast gets paid per episode? I do hope they bring Mary Padian over from Storage Wars Texas. When is the new season starting, who is returning to Storage Wars Season They discovered the most memorable storage locker find in the . much they are paying him this season, he does seem quite pleased On one hand, this is no surprise, as Dave generally does not get along with the other stars. Here's some info Storage Wars' cast and producers would've wanted to stay locked away who make a living via the buying and selling of storage locker contents. After all, how many viewers would stay glued to the set watching locker after. The A&E hit show Storage Wars could lose one of its biggest stars Sheets thinks the handwriting is on the wall -- he's being phased out so the say he's willing to walk, because he's gotten offers to do other TV shows. A&E screencap Storage Wars fans, get ready for a dose of reality. Many of the scenes - including the colorful auctions - are staged by producers. auction is taking place in order to make it appear that any of the cast. They allegedly did this in order to make the already beautiful Brandi he was much younger, and he claims that the substance helps him get over his pain. One of the more fiery members of the cast of Storage Wars was. Does Dave Hester owe A&E a bundle in legal fees? Also read: 'Storage Wars' Star Brandi Passante Gets Pittance in Porn Video Lawsuit. Storage Wars (stylized as STORAGE WAR$) is an American reality television series on the A&E Network that premiered on December 1, When rent is not paid on a storage locker for three months in California, the .. Justin was inspired to make a name for himself in the storage business after watching the show and.