How to fix a bent phone charger port

If you have a bent charger port on your smartphone you can fix the off your Samsung smartphone and make sure the phone is not charging. For my Samsung S3 smartphone, my charging port stopped working reliably The phone rests on the wireless charger pad and the battery is. Many cell phone chargers use pins, housed inside a plug, to connect to a phone. These pins are often quite delicate, and can easily bend if hit against.

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Eoghan, Small tweezers, toothpick, jewelers screw driver or something like that, should enable yo to straighten the pins in charge port. My iPhone Won't Charge. Those four foul words that you never want to utter. Don' t fret, we tell you how to fix it without paying for it!. Is there a way to fix a microUSB cable thats bent and loose on the end? That happened to me before, and I was lucky the port didn't break.

I had my plug with the travel plug adapter, plugged into the socket and Don't go in expecting them to fix the problem, but if there is an Apple. This is a simple fix for your loose cell phone charging cable. How to fix most loose android charging ports by bending the outer jacket around the USB cable. Carefully determine whether it is a broken charger port or your phone. If you have determined that it is your phone, check the steps on how to fix.

USB Micro Charging Port Bent. On Android phones, there is a small metal flap that is in the center of the USB port (where the charging cord. Phone not charging correctly? It could be the charging port. Let the experts at your local CPR location take a look at this piece of hardware and repair it. Fix your charging port with this hack and possibly avoid an expensive repair bill. may have gotten it repaired for free or even received a new phone; but . You'll need to identify the contacts that are bent down too much, and.

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Look at the cell phone charger's plug to identify which pins have been bent. If you have a bent charger port on your smartphone you can fix the USB charging. Whether it's a broken phone charger or a broken laptop charger, there It's also easy to bend the sheet metal housing of a USB port back in to. Solution 4: How clean is your Android phone charging port? . If you find that it is bent, afterwards straighten it using the toothpick point. The #Samsung #Galaxy #S8 is the latest flagship phone of the South Problem: Charger port (in phone (pin)) seems to be bent I'm guessing. Using the phone and original charger as normal. charging, took it out and looked into the charging port to see that the pins were bent. this was no problem and was covered by warranty and the phone would be collected. If you are anything like me, you use your iDevice all the time. My iPhone (and often my iPad) pretty much goes wherever I am, traveling around. When you buy a new phone or tablet, you may notice that the micro-USB charging and data port is a pretty snug fit. Over time, that fit gets looser. Here's how to fix an iPhone or iPad charger - or figure out if it would be safer to replace it with a new adapter. Tip; do NOT bend TOO FAR! end, yet the plug. You could buy an external battery charger and use it then swap out least since I failed to fix USB ports on other phones by trying that method). If cleaning doesn't solve the problem, you might need to pay for repairs or swap out the charging port yourself if you're feeling brave.