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So you want to take a screenshot on your shiny new LG G4. This is a step, capturing a single moment in time that could possibly spin the. Learn here the process of how to take a screenshot on LG G4. It can be done following two ways. You can use your phone's power and volume buttons to capture screenshots.

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Capture a Screenshot - LG G4™. To capture a screenshot, press and hold the Power and Volume down buttons simultaneously until the screen appears to flash. Now that the LG G4 is finally official and coming soon, buyers will have lots of questions. Here's how to take a screenshot on the new phone. All LG phones have a built-in method for taking screenshots using the G2, G3, G4, Flex - The Power and Volume Down buttons can be found.

Do you want to take a screenshot on your shiny new LG G4 smartphone? Capturing a special moment in time is a must, so don't hesitate to continue reading. Taking a screenshot on the LG G4 is not a complicated task at all and all it takes is to simultaneously press the volume down and power/lock. It'll be really awesome to share your LG G4 screenshots with others. Taking screenshots become an indispensable part of our digital life.

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Taking a screen capture on the LG G4 is similar to past LG smartphone models. For those that want to know how to screen capture on the LG. LG G4 Stylus - How to take a screenshot - To take a screen shot, hold down the Volume Down and Power Buttons together (i.e. exactly the same time). This will. Now the LG G4 is different from other phones. While the default method to take a screenshot on Android is holding down Volume Down and Power, it's much. Easiest method to click screenshot on LG G4 StylusLG G4 Stylus. You can also use Screenshot Sharer App to capture and share screenshot simply by long pressing your home button. We recommend it. Since LG G4 Beat. I had an accident with my phone and the volume down button no longer works ( the rest of the phone seems to be functioning fine). Is there a. The company is soon going to launch their all-new LG K12+. In this article we will tell you about the screenshot methods of LG K12+. PHONE SCREENSHOT CAPTURING. Capturing screenshots of the phone. icon Function. There is a simple way you can take screenshots using the physical. How to take a screenshot on LG G4 Beat. Step 1: Navigate to the screen which you want to take a screenshot. Step 2:Press the volume down. Juni Für die Aufnahme von Screenshots bieten sich auf dem LG G4 zwei Methoden an. So gelingt Euch das schnelle Abfotografieren von.