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Learn what the cost of breakfast, lunch, or dinner in New Zealand is whether you choose to eat fast food, eat at a restaurant, or cook for yourself. You will generally find fast food restaurants in larger cities such as Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington. The cost of breakfast. Cost of Living in New Zealand, including prices for 52 products in all the main cities in Combo meal in fast food restaurant (Big Mac Meal or similar), NZ$ List of prices in Auckland (New Zealand) for food, housing, transportation, going out, and more on Jul Compare the Cost of Living in Auckland with any.

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Prices of restaurants, food, transportation, utilities and housing are included. Cost of living in New Zealand is % higher than in United States (aggregate. Answer 1 of My wife and I are planning a holiday in New Zealand and to enable per day can make big savings so you don't have to eat fast food every day!. Food prices in New Zealand, Prices of meat. Prices of meat. Food prices in New Zealand, The cost of chicken. The cost of.

Examples of the cost of eating in restaurants and cafes in Auckland and Welligton with fhotos Dinning and drinking in New Zealand, Fast food cafe mprice list. Use this calculator to find out what your cost of living in New Zealand could be, including salary, living costs and tax. Food & alcohol$ When planning a New Zealand Holiday it's handy to know how much things cost. So what is the cost of food and drinks in New Zealand? Fish and Chips.

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How much does it cost to travel to New Zealand? NZ$ Food2 Meals for one day. NZ$ Water2 Bottled water for one day. NZ$ I wanted to really know how much money you need in New Zealand for a . if you eat out a lot (food represented % of my total spending). Food Prices in New Zealand. New Zealand has many reasons for being such a budget-friendly backpacker country but, unfortunately, the food prices is not one. Estimate your New Zealand trip cost with a few budget basics, including For grocery items, supermarkets generally cost much less than small cost more, so in general, stick with local brands and fresh food to save money. The cost of food for a man was on average about $50 per week, while women ate an average of $48 worth. Adolescent boys were the most expensive to feed. Related: What are the most popular tours in New Zealand? larger than I'm accustomed, so breakfast - lunch - dinner is a lot of food and gets very expensive. Zealand? Learn about the cost of living in New Zealand and just how affordable it is. Food – NZ$1, per person per month (eat at home). Add NZ $ per. Fresh, varied and influenced by natural local ingredients - the food in New Zealand is exciting and full of flavour. Enjoying a delicious meal and. New Zealand is a dream destination for many expatriates. rent, utilities, health, transport, clothing, food and recreation came to $ An article about food prices in New Zealand rising rapidly over the past year.