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Washington Government Buildings with Kids Visiting the US Capitol Building with Kids. Discover kid-friendly attractions, museums and many more amazing things to do for We've got what you need to make your next trip to the nation's capital as. Visit the U.S. Botanic Garden for a scavenger hunt that sends kids off to identify plants and get their passports stamped. Stop in the Children's Garden so kids.

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Children play at the Yards Park in Washington, D.C. | Photo by The . Ignore the boring name and get ready for a minute tour that covers. How to Spend Three Days in Washington, DC–With Kids The basic tour includes a short history lesson and an introduction to the building. One of the most kid-friendly places to visit in Washington, D.C. is the National Zoo where you can see more than different species of.

Explore our favorite things to do in Washington DC with kids—like Visit the museum online to see what's happening with the planned work. With so many museums, monuments, parks, waterfronts, and other distractions, it's easy to chart a crowd-free course. 50 Things to Do in Washington, DC with Kids Before They Grow Up Rent a motorized swan boat and tour Washington, DC on the water. 6.

To make sure you get the most out of visiting this awesome destination I have compiled the ULTIMATE Guide of things to do in Washington DC with kids. Washington DC was the spot for us to spend fall break this. Buy a copy of The Kid's Guide to Washington, D.C. Visit the Newseum, where school-age kids will love the new Be a TV Reporter experience. Answer 1 of Kids are 8, 9 and almost Time is peak during Spring Break ( around 4/4 to 4/12) and we are driving from NYC. My questions: 1. how many. This DC insider offers her tips on the best time to visit Washington DC and the best things to do in DC, whether you are visiting with kids or. Washington, DC is an awesome destination for families with a diverse choice of attractions for kids of all ages. Take a free guided tour of the Library of Congress, . 2, & 3 day itineraries for Washington, DC on your weekend trip to make the 3 Day Itinerary for Washington, DC suggestions to help plan your quick trip to the city. .. We have an entire guide dedicated to families touring DC with children. 10 Things to See and Do in Washington, D.C. with Kids. 1) Washington D.C. Ducks Tour. Before sight seeing in any major city it's helpful to get a layout of the . 7 Free Activities and Places to Visit with Kids in Washington DC A visit to the Museum of American History will spark your kid's interest and. DC Ducks Tour takes you to popular attractions in Washington DC for for kids to enjoy! Plan you trip with a list of Things to do in Washington DC with Kids.